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About Chameleon Training

Chameleon Training is a bespoke Sydney based consultancy that specializes in cultural awareness workshops. Chameleon Training offers tailor made solutions for increasing staff performance by growing their awareness.

Key areas of expertise include:

Culture awareness especially in Asia and Australia and its
impact on business

Building resilience especially within management roles

Business development, especially for companies wishing to
work with international stakeholders


"An Organization is only
as good as the
behaviour and attitude
of its employees"

- LEWIS, G. (2011).
CEO The leadership Trust Foundation

Some of our clients
Geoscience Intergraph Heraeus Inova pharmaceuticals
Beiersdorf Roche Buslink Marsh
Victorian Country Press Association Caunt and Lowbeer FB Rice Wave Dental
Ricky Richards Kulkuna STM Y Foundation
BHI Architects Country Press Association South Australia Dingu Blue Seawalker Green Island

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Some important dates

China Chinese new year
Lantern Festival
Qingming Festival
31 Jan '14
14 Feb '14
5 April '14
Malaysia Muhammad's birthday
Hari Raya
Hari Raya Haji
14 Jan '14
28 Jul '14
5 Oct '14
Indonesia Waisak

Toraja Funeral
14 May '14
21 May '14
July / Aug
South America Columbus day- 12 Oct '14