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About Chameleon Training

Chameleon Training is a bespoke Sydney based consultancy that started in 2009. Chameleon Training offers tailor made solutions for increasing staff performance by growing their awareness.

Key areas of expertise include:

Culture awareness especially in Asia and Australia and its
impact on business

Building resilience especially within management roles

Customer service  and business development  


"An Organization is only
as good as the
behaviour and attitude
of its employees"

- LEWIS, G. (2011).
CEO The leadership Trust Foundation

Some of our clients
BHI Architects Country Press Association South Australia Dingu Blue Inova pharmaceuticals
Ricky Richards Heraeus Seawalker Green Island Marsh
Victorian Country Press Association Caunt and Lowbeer FB Rice Roche

"I found the sessions extremely useful with regard to cultural knowledge and things that I should consider implementing to assist in my new role and adapting to the new cultural environment and workplace. The case studies, recommended reading materials and exercises I also found particularly thought provoking. The three recent sessions related to Doing Business in Thailand were specifically targeted for my needs and combined with the half day Cultural Awareness course done 12 months ago will increase my effectiveness in adapting to working and succeeding in a new business environment and adapting to future cultural challenges."

R. Thomson, - Volvo Bus Corporation

"Sally Anne consistently showed a strong understanding of our business and developed creative and inspiring ways to facilitate valuable information to our employees. Throughout these sessions people always remained focused and enjoyed the learning experience. This in turn encouraged our staff to try the new ideas covered in the workshops. I look forward to working with Chameleon Training again."

Jeff Lauretti, Country Manager - Heraeus Dental

"The Chameleon Training workshops that Sallly Anne has run have provided a good split between 'presenting' and 'doing' ensuring delegates always remained active, focused and engaged. The information provided was highly relevant to our needs and I would be happy to recommend Chameleon Training and Sally Anne to any company who wishes to improve their relationships with international stakeholders."

Catherine Heller, Project Manager - Marsh

"Sally Anne has worked primarily with the core group of 10 directors and associates from the multiple offices of BHI. She consistently showed strong understanding of our business and developed creative and inspiring ways to facilitate valuable information to our management and staff.

The successful outcomes achieved were beyond expectations, with Sally Anne required to bring into a common thread the thoughts and understandings of our people. Throughout these sessions people always remained focused and enjoyed the learning experience, which has now contributed to an improved quality and consistency in all levels of BHI management. This process has motivated our staff to develop and implement the new ideas covered in the workshops, to achieve our strategic goals.

I look forward to working with Chameleon Training again , to facilitate the growth of BHI."

Mark Hitchcock, Director - BHI

"Sally-Anne is an extremely capable trainer, project manager and influencer. She headed up the design, delivery and project management of a program in support of a significant change process at Cumberland Newspapers for which I was responsible. Very quick to get an understanding of the change and its impact, she was able to design a program that effectively met the needs of the business and then delivered it in a way that engaged the target audience which bought advocacy of the change rather than compliance from participants. I would not hesitate in re-hiring Sally-Anne or in recommending her to others for similar projects."

Andrew Sinclair- Cumberland newspapers

"Sally Anne has worked with the Hobsons' sales force since 2004. She has always tailored her content to meet the changing expectations of our team. Her creative approach ensured delegates remained engaged and enthusiastic throughout the sessions and were inspired to try the new techniques in their workplace. Moreover, due to the practical focus of Sally Anne’s workshops, combined with encouraging feedback during the sessions, delegates felt confident to apply and adopt the skills they had learned."

Nick Haslam, Sales Director - Hobsons




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